Sermons - Exodus

Listen to sermons by Pastor Drew Grumbles

01-18-15 - Exodus 1-2
God sees his people in their suffering and tells them to be faithful.
01-25-15 - Exodus 3-4
God reveals himself through Jesus and calls us to live for him.
02-01-15 - Exodus 5-6
We should expect difficulty because we are in a spiritual war.
02-08-15 - Exodus 7-10
God sends 9 plagues on Egypt to teach us about his judgment, sovereignty, and mission.
02-15-15 - Exodus 11:1-13:16
The instructions for the Passover teach us about the salvation of Jesus.
02-22-15 - Exodus 13:17-15:21
God's power that parts the Red Sea is the power that saves us.
03-15-15 - Exodus 15:22-18:27
God tests us for us to see if we trust him, and God always provides for us.
03-22-15 - Exodus 19
God shows us what true worship is.
03-29-15 - Exodus 20:1-3
The first commandment: Only worship God.
04-19-15 - Exodus 20:4-6
The second commandment teaches us that our worship is audio, not visual worship.
04-26-15 - Exodus 20:7
The third commandment teaches us to honor God's name and reputation.
05-03-15 - Exodus 20:8-11
The fourth commandment on our Sabbath rest.
05-10-15 - Exodus 20:12
The fifth commandment to honor father and mother teaches us to submit to authority.
05-17-15 - Exodus 20:13
The sixth commandment teaches us to honor life because all are made in God's image.
05-24-15 - Exodus 20:14
The seventh commandment is God's teaching on his design for marriage.
06-07-15 - Exodus 20:15
God tells us that instead of stealing, we should work hard, enjoy wisely, and give generously to show that we treasure Christ.
06-14-15 - Exodus 20:16
The ninth commandment teaches about the God of truth and how his people can reflect the truth.
06-21-15 - Exodus 20:17
The tenth commandment teaches on coveting.
08-16-15 - Exodus 20:18-24:18
God's laws tell us what God expects of his people.
08-23-15 - Exodus 25-27, 30-31
God's home is our home (Note: Audio begins 5 minutes into the sermon).
09-06-15 - Exodus 28-29
The only way to escape our guilt is through our Great Priest, Jesus.
09-13-15 - Exodus 32-33
God will not save people without our passionate pleading.
09-20-15 - Exodus 34
We are changed by beholding the glory of Jesus.
09-27-15 - Exodus 35-40
How to work for the glory of God.