Sermons - The Gospel of Mark

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09-08-13 - Mark 1:1
John the Baptist appears to proclaim repentance.
09-15-13 - Mark 1:2-8
John points to Jesus as the one who brings judgment and grace.
09-22-13 - Mark 1:9-13
Jesus came to suffer with us and for us.
09-29-13 - Mark 1:14-20
Jesus calls ordinary people to be disciples and grow his Kingdom.
10-06-13 - Mark 1:21-34
Jesus teaches with authority, and demonstrates it by casting out demons.
10-27-13 - Mark 1:35-45
Jesus teaches us about the priority that he places on preaching.
11-03-13 - Mark 2:1-12
Jesus heals a prarlytic to demonstrate his authority to forgive sins.
11-10-13 - Mark 2:13-17
Jesus seeks after those who are sinners, not those who think they are righteous.
11-17-13 - Mark 2:18-3:6
Jesus breaks the Pharisees' rules to teach us what it means to follow him.
11-24-13 - Mark 3:7-21,31-35
Jesus calls us to be his disciples and gives us a new family.
12-29-13 - Mark 3:22-30
Jesus reminds us that we are in a spiritual war and he has come to bind the strong man, Satan, by his death and resurrection.
01-05-14 - Mark 4:1-20
In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus teaches us that how we respond to his word shows us whether or not we are believers.
01-12-14 - Mark 4:21-34
Jesus teaches in parables about the kingdom and his word.
01-19-14 - Mark 4:35-5:43
In these four stories, we see desperate need met by the divine power of Jesus.
04-12-15 - Mark 6:1-6
Revival Service #2 - Pastor Joey Chafton - Familiarity with Jesus is not the same as faith in Jesus.
02-02-14 - Mark 6:1-13
Jesus does mighty works where there is repentance.
02-09-14 - Mark 6:14-29
In John the Baptist, we see the price of faithfulness. In Herod, we see the tragedy of faithlessness.
02-16-14 - Mark 6:30-56
Jesus' divine compassion is seen in that he shepherds us, feeds us, calms our fears, and never tires of us.
02-23-14 - Mark 7:1-23
Focusing on the external keeps us from worshiping God, obeying God, and dealing with the real problem of the heart.
03-02-14 - Mark 7:24-37
Jesus goes on a mission to the Gentiles.
03-09-14 - Mark 8:1-21
Jesus' disciples don't understand because they are distracted by their circumstances.
03-16-14 - Mark 8:22-9:1
Jesus teaches us the cost of following him.
03-23-14 - Mark 9:2-13
Jesus gives his disciples a glimpse of his glory.
03-30-14 - Mark 9:14-29
Revival Service #1. Jesus teaches us that certain spiritual activities will not be accomplished without faith and much prayer.
04-06-14 - Mark 9:30-41
Jesus teaches us that humility is true greatness.
04-27-14 - Mark 9:42-50
Jesus warns his disciples about hell.
05-04-14 - Mark 10:1-12
Jesus teaches on marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
05-18-14 - Mark 10:13-31
To qualify for the kingdom of God you must have nothing.
05-25-14 - Mark 10:32-52
Jesus' disciples are afraid to follow him because it means service and suffering.
04-13-14 - Mark 11:1-11
Palm Sunday. Jesus enters Jerusalem as the humble King.
08-10-14 - Mark 11:12-33
Jesus shows his authority by cleansing the temple.
08-17-14 - Mark 12:1-12
The Parable of the Tenants.
08-24-14 - Mark 12:13-17
Jesus on what it means to be a Christian citizen.
08-31-14 - Mark 12:18-27
The Sadducees are wrong about marriage, the Scriptures, and the power of God.
09-07-14 - Mark 12:28-34
We should obey the law of love, but obeying the law is not enough.
09-14-14 - Mark 12:35-40
Jesus teaches us to watch our life and our doctrine closely.
09-21-14 - Mark 12:41-44
What it means to follow Jesus in how you use your money.
09-28-14 - Mark 13
Jesus teaches about the end of the world.
10-05-14 - Mark 14:1-9
A woman shows her love at the King's funeral.
10-19-14 - Mark 14:10-25
Why Jesus gave us the Lord's Supper.
12-07-14 - Mark 14:32-42
In Gethsemane, Jesus is abandoned for our salvation.
12-14-14 - Mark 14:26-72
Jesus wins despite our failure.
12-21-14 - Mark 15:1-39
Jesus dies on the cross to forgive sinners.
12-28-14 - Mark 15:40-16:8
The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.